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Weezer, You’ve Done Good.

It implies I haven’t been on the internet since last week, but I just watched that Pork And Beans clip. It’s good:

It kind of makes you go ‘how’d they manage that?’ Good job then that Buzzworthy has an interview with director Matthew Cullen.

(The most surprising part of the meme-rich video? That it makes Weezer seem more relevant. You’d think that a clip with Tay Zonday would be a surefire, never-miss way to compound the fairly reasonable idea that Weezer are busted, over-the-hill, and culturally irrelevant.

The success of the clip, and the fact it’s brought Weezer so thoroughly back into the spotlight, comes down to the fact it’s done so well. You’re treading a very fine line when you get internet-related kitsch involved, but Cullen has — with sharp ideas, tight editing and access to genuine webcelebrities* — nailed it).

Bonus track: I really like this Tay Zonday track. Yes, unironically. The reverb-heavy bass laid down over a jangly guitar makes it sound like an Entertainment!-era Gang Of Four track produced and recorded on GarageBand. With vocals by an inexplicably earnest David Bowie, and lyrics written in ’65 by a young Curtis Mayfield.

MP3: Tay Zonday – “Demons On The Dance Floor”

I may be pushing it a little with the Bowie-Mayfield links.

*What a terrible phrase.

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  • Not a Teacher June 2, 2008, 9:32 pm

    I prefer “cewebrity”, which is still a terrible phrase but slightly less cumbersome…and it has the added bonus of making you sound like Elmer Fudd if you actually say the word.

  • DrOp iT lIkE iT hOt` June 4, 2008, 1:08 am

    Actually that is a pretty good clip. Umm…it’s just dawned on me that OK Go have totally ripped off the Weezer sound.

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